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BioCorRx® Recovery Program

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The comprehensive BioCorRx® Recovery Program blends aggressive medical management in the form of a minimally invasive procedure, involving the subcutaneous insertion of specially compounded implants (pellets) which contain the FDA approved medication naltrexone, combined with customized, structured, and focused one-on-one medication-assisted treatment counseling sessions, specific to naltrexone treatment.

What to expect at most centers after deciding to be a program participant:

  • Screening for medical clearance, dual diagnosis, appropriateness (One must be detoxed prior to receiving implant).
  • History/physical, blood work, EKG, etc.
  • Receive one pre-implant counseling session. *
  • Receive implant (typically one may need to use a half of a day to go through process)
  • Receive counselling over course of next 90 days or less. *
  • Follow up with medical practitioner as directed for suture removal/well checks
  • Begin RSS (peer support) usually within the first month post-implant.
  • Unlike most traditional recovery programs which invest the first 30-90 treatment days in assisting a patient to deal with the physical cravings of addiction, BioCorRx® Program participants are typically absent the physical cravings on day one, and thus can focus clearly without distraction on the information, concepts, change, and education presented in the counseling program to learn and implement unrealized coping strategies and healthy behaviors.
  • The implant used in the BioCorRx® Program tends to last longer than others available in the U.S. as evidenced by clinical outcomes (time lengths vary depending on the individual).
  • Other naltrexone implant providers tend to simply perform the procedure and do not include a structured naltrexone early-recovery focused counseling program. Those that do include programs, tend to offer life coaching only referring patients to outside centers with no continuity of care or follow-up.
  • No other recovery program of which we are aware provide MAT counseling modules specific to the naltrexone therapy and 12 months of peer support and tracking post-implant procedure.

About DeSanto Clinics

At DeSanto Clinics, the care we offer is designed to work simultaneously with any 12-Step, spiritual or biological program.

We create a specialized detox plan for you that is both private and discreet, many times in the comfort of your own home, but if necessary, we are associated with many premiere treatment centers and can help you find  inpatient, residential, and intensive outpatient programs .

What makes us unique?

What separates us from other clinics is our approach to testing and treatment.

Most addicts and alcoholics become that way because of genetic and environmental factors. DeSanto Clinics tests for specific genetic markers, checks a full and comprehensive blood panel, and tests for and treats any hormonal imbalances that may lead to relapse and further discomfort.

Our Mission

DeSanto Clinics provides the highest degree care and compassion when treating Addiction.

We promise to remain on the cutting edge of treatment and testing to ensure you the greatest chance of recovery.Our care is guided by integrity to ensure the greatest degree of trust between healer and patient. Our main goal is to connect you to the life you always wanted with the greatest amount of vitality and presence.

We specialize in all types of Detox

Addiction comes in all forms and have a program for each

Advanced testing methods for a successful outcome

Blood Panel Testing

We perform a complete and comprehensive blood panel to check for all elements in your system

Genetic Markers

We test for specific genetic markers to help determine the best course of intervention and therapy.

Hormonal Imbalances

We treat hormonal imbalances that may lead to relapses and further discomfort.

Getting you the support and program that you need.

We help you with a specialized detox plan for you that is both private and comfortable.

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