About DeSanto Clinics

A Multi-specialty, Holistic, and Integrative center for addiction treatment.

Offering evidence based methods to help you have the greatest success in beating your addiction.

About DeSanto Clinics

At DeSanto Clinics, the care we offer is designed to work simultaneously with any 12-Step, spiritual or biological program.

We create a specialized detox plan for you that is both private and discreet, many times in the comfort of your own home, but if necessary, we are associated with many premiere treatment centers and can help you find  inpatient, residential, and intensive outpatient programs . Dr. DeSanto’s affiliation with Hotel California by the Sea offers a recovery  program for licensed professionals

What makes us unique?

What separates us from other clinics is our approach to testing and treatment.

Most addicts and alcoholics become that way because of genetic and environmental factors. DeSanto Clinics tests for specific genetic markers, checks a full and comprehensive blood panel, and tests for and treats any hormonal imbalances that may lead to relapse and further discomfort. All body systems are treated simultaneously to ensure the best outcome.

Our Mission

DeSanto Clinics provides the highest degree care and compassion when treating Addiction.

We promise to remain on the cutting edge of treatment and testing to ensure you the greatest chance of recovery.Our care is guided by integrity to ensure the greatest degree of trust between healer and patient. Our main goal is to connect you to the life you always wanted with the greatest amount of vitality and presence.

We specialize in all types of Detox

Addiction comes in all forms and have a program for each

Advanced testing methods for a successful outcome

Blood Panel Testing

We perform a complete and comprehensive blood panel to check for all elements in your system

Genetic Markers

We test for specific genetic markers to help determine the best course of intervention and therapy.

Hormonal Imbalances

We treat hormonal imbalances that may lead to relapses and further discomfort.

Getting you the support and program that you need.

We help you with a specialized detox plan for you that is both private and comfortable.

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