Dr. DeSanto gives insight about "Can IV Ketamine Fight Depression?" on the Fix

In Ask the Expert on the popular site The Fix which focuses on addiciton and recovery topics, Dr. Joseph DeSanto, MD  discusses the potential dangers associated with IV ketamine treatment. Topic Question: Hi. Any hope for using IV ketamine to rapidly reverse major depression? Joseph Desanto, MD replies: I get this question occasionally and there are a few clinics that will use ketamine to treat some Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder cases that have failed to respond to other types of medication regimens. Patients who seek ketamine to treat their depression are usually at the “end of their rope” when other medications (and doctors) have failed them. Read full article on the Fix.com

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Name Dr. DeSanto gives insight about “Can IV Ketamine Fight Depression?” on the Fix Date 07 Mon 2016 Categories Ask the Expert Author Desantorecovery
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