Imagine if you knew which Antidepressant worked best for you

Before you went to the Doctor?!

Personalized Genetics Testing is as simple as a mouth swab. The information we get from this swab is a huge step in the direction of personalized medical treatment for your addictions. It can tell us which medicines will work best with your body’s metabolism. You don’t have to spend extra time waiting to see if the anti-depressant you are taking is “going to work” This can potentially save valuable time in treating your underlying depression or anxiety disorder. It can also tell non-addicts which pain medications will work better than others, potentially preventing a future addiction. This is especially true with analgesics like Morphine and Dilaudid, and sedatives like Xanax, Klonipin, and Valium.

PGX can also help determine if you are a carrier of the genes that make you susceptible to certain cancers and life shortening illnesses that you may pass on to your children.

Personalized exercise plans and nutrition plans can be made for your specific genetic code, saving you time at the supermarket and gym, and allow you to reach your ideal body weight and homeostasis. This is the information age and the more you know about your genetics, the better armed you are to live a vibrant, addiction-free life.

Genetic Testing

Avoid life threatening side effects!

With PGX, you can find out, in advance, which meds you metabolize (or break down) quickly, slowly, or normally. This can save you valuable time and potentially life-threatening side effects.

At DeSanto Clinics, PGX is offered for every client, and can be very useful in guiding Medication Therapies. With a simple cheek swab, we can determine if you have genetic mutations in your DNA that can help us determine which medications will work best with your individual genetic profile. This is your DNA, and the information never changes.

  • If you have Addiction in your family, and you need to take pain medication, we can potentially reduce the risk of becoming addicted, by finding out which meds work best for you and what the dosage should be.
  • PGX also help us determine your weight loss profile to help guide a specific weight loss plan that best suits your individual genetic profile. It can also help us determine which exercise profile is best for you.
  • Your GENOTYPE/HAPLOTYPE details can let you know what your response will be to certain types of food and vitamins, and can tell you about your insulin and potential for diabetes.
  • Genetic Carrier Testing can also give us limited insight into your individual risk for certain types of cancer such as breast  (BRCA) and colon (ColoTrue) cancer

PGX Helps with Other Medications

Mood Stabilizers

Antipsychotic Medications

ADHD Medications

Pain Medications

Blood Thinners

Heart Medications

Giving you the best results

At DeSanto Clinics, we do take chances with our patient’s lives. It’s important for us and our patients to know how they will react to prescribed medications to avoid any kind of adverse affects. Our personalized genetics testing is based upon your DNA and the testing reveals so much about what the patient’s are at risk for and what is the most effective medication that will help them succeed in their journey to recovery. Patients who seek relief from their addiction or just want to lose weight along with any health issues can safely trust DeSanto Clinics. We start with a full panel blood test to make sure your information is ready for us to diagnose the right treatment.