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Stop Smoking Now! Nicotine Free Program

Smoking is an ugly, dark habit that does not look good on anyone anymore. The stigma attached to cigarette smoking is that of an outcast, weak person, causing shame and guilt in those people that know they have to stop but can’t. Close your eyes again, and imagine yourself a non-smoker.   Getting Easier, isn’t it?

Imagine yourself not having to go to the bathroom to wash up after you smoke.Imagine not having all of your clothes in your closet smell like old smoke.Imagine clean breath when you go to kiss your kids or partner. Imagine your loved ones not worrying about you dying an early, possibly painful death.Imagine saving 8-12 dollars per day not having to pay for a pack of cigarettes. Imagine losing that weight you always wanted to lose, but couldn’t because smokers rarely exercise on a regular basis.

Imagine yourself a non-smoker.

You are now on your way to being nicotine free!

The Fact is….

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man.

In fact, the minute you put out your cigarette, you begin to enter a state of nicotine withdrawal.

Good to know.

What’s better to know is ……..

The withdrawal syndrome is a lot milder than we are led to believe. There may be irritability, mild insomnia, and weight gain, but these are not the experience of most people when it’s done under the care of a physician who understands addiction.

It makes sense that the body, mind and spirit are out of alignment  when someone has been smoking for a long time.  Smoking is a slow suicide and the body tries to protect itself from harm by altering itself.

Our Nicotine Free Integrative Program

DeSanto Clinics Nicotine Free Integrative Comprehensive Program (NF) is based on prescription medication, herbal support, hypnotherapy, auricular acupuncture and acupressure, and High Dose Amino Acid replacement to erase any cravings you may be having during the first few days.

Weight gain can be avoided by working with one of our licensed holistic nutritionists to provide a diet rich in neurotransmitters to replace the ones that cigarettes were providing.

Replace the addiction and ritual of smoking with the rituals of meditation, mindfulness, and a structured, simple, maintainable exercise program with one of our exercise specialists is essential for success.

Hypnotherapy has been shown in multiple studies to help aid-smoking cessation. DeSanto Clinics employs other non- traditional methods for smoking cessation with alpha stimulation brainwave therapy, and high dose herbal supplementation.

Our doctors if desired can also prescribe prescription medications and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.